Keeping Our Community Comfortable for 50 years

Mike Barnette spent the early days of his career working for Boger Oil Company. Back then, oil companies also did heating and air work, so Mike picked up skills in oil furnaces and A/C units on the side. Even during a stint working as a lumberjack for his uncle, he never stopped being an HVAC technician.

In 1974, a contractor asked Mike to provide an estimate for a heating and air system for a new home construction. He made a bold decision: if his estimate was accepted, he would leave his job and start his own heating and air business full-time. That estimate changed his life and led to the creation of Barnette Heating and Air, Inc. Mike started the business in the shop in his backyard and, a decade later, moved to our current location at 965 Salisbury Road, Mocksville. 

Today, three generations of Barnettes are part of the company. Mike, at 83, still works as a technician every day. Mike’s son, Greg, grew up working in the family business during summer vacations and holidays, joining the company full-time in 1998.  He currently serves as operations/sales manager. After working summers throughout high school, Greg’s son, Broc, joined the team full-time as a technician in 2018. Mike’s wife, Alice, is the company president.

We currently have nine full-time employees, as well as interns from Davie County High School during the summer.  We consider our team and our customers family. When you choose Barnette Heating and Air, you’re joining our family, and we promise to treat your home with the same care we give our own.


At Barnette Heating and Air, we don’t just view our employees as part of a team, but as a part of our extended family. We are dedicated to creating the most comfortable and inviting living spaces. Our story is one of perseverance, dedication, and a genuine love for the work we do. This is more than a business; it’s a legacy of comfort and care.

Greg Barnette, operations/Sales

28 years of service


Owner & Senior Tech

50+ years of service


Service Tech

7 years of service


Service Tech

15 years of service


Service & Install Tech

3 years of service


Install Tech

1 year of service


Service Tech

9 years of service


Install Helper


Administrative Assistants


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