No Hassel Guarantee

We provide a one year satisfaction guarantee. If we install a new system in your home and we cannot make it work correctly. We will remove the entire system and refund 100% of the initial cost to you. We are so confident that we will install your system correctly that this guarantee cost you nothing. It is a total WIN/WIN for you!

Exclusive Maintenance Agreement

This program gives the home owner the peace of mind of knowing their equipment is being maintained at the highest peak performance. When you purchase this agreement we agree to inspect your system twice per year that includes a diagnostic check, cleaning of coils and drains, filter replacement and many other services. This also entitles you to preferred customer status meaning if you were to have an issue with your system you will be moved to the top of our service list for that day. Once your system is outside the ten year parts and labor warranty you will receive 20% off any repairs for both parts and labor.

Price Guarantee

This a twofold guarantee.

#1 the price that is stated today will be the price you pay.

#2 We will match the price of any competitor based on equipment of equal efficiency and options and warrantees. You cannot lose with a guarantee like this.

Referral Rebate Plan

For each customer that you refer to us who then purchases a new system from us you will receive $100.